F. Scott Fitzgerald, sequins, and indecisiveness

Aren’t they beautiful? These were designed by an amazing cover artist Coralie Bickford-Smith. You can check her work out here.  I am more than convinced that I need more Fitzgerald in my life now.  I’m rather ashamed I didn’t look any further than Gatsby.  I was just too satisfied to look further.  Also if you find adult literature find of disappointing like me- don’t judge- , have a look at Bright Young Things by Anna Godbersen.

I am a huge fan of the 20s by the way. Literature, modern and real time, even  historical fiction based in the 20s gets me excited. Oh and the clothes. :)  Finding a cute dress is hard, but man there were some golden ones.  Its hard for us to understand the boy shaped silhouette… But it was the right time for the girls with the Twiggy features, super skinny and short hair.

Here are some beauties I’ve pinned recently that are twenty’s inspired.

I also adore the hats, I have one myself.  A cute little cloche hat to cover my ears from this sucky weather.  This winter is going to be different though, last winter I had a short 20s haircut.  It was slanted down in the front, made me feel rebellious, and I don’t have a single picture.  Very upsetting.  My hair just grows so fast! I didn’t know my haircut had such a short time limit.  Now its boringly past my shoulders, so lame.  My beautiful hat is going to look stupid. -_-

This same one actually.

I’m ready for something new.


Short again?

Show my true colors, which I lovingly call dull ash brown?

Permanently straightened?

Grow out to my butt? But not actually, because I think that’s kind of gross.. I mean where does your hair go when you shower?

Moving on.


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