Wish list Part two: jewelry


I’d love some new sparkle on my finger ;)

hint hint hint [cough*]

smoky ring from Yasuko Azuma $1350 whew!

any cheaper?

much better! $84 at etsy

but… not cheap enough

er meh gewd! perfect! these are $5.80! for the set at forver21

I love the one on the right/

now this one isn’t found on Satomi’s website anymore but similar rings are/

like this one. :D

okay this one is adorable.

it was sold at an etsy shop from the UK at one time so i sought out a similar style

cheap for $3.80 at forever21!

this one is pretty/ i rather prefer this style to other vintage rings

and this one!/ jade art deco


tribal may have come and gone…ish..  but I’m really digging this one

I may not be able to wear those sequined peter pan collars




 but this necklace puts just enough shine around the collarbone :)

so simple/ but i like it. especially if it hangs right below the collarbone, the sweet spot.


geometric….  skeleton…no.. ghost?.. earrings?… ya I got nothing.

They are pretty. Let’s not stress about eloquence, kay? k.

I just love halo’s in my jewelry, I just realized this.  I’ve gone through (lost one each) three pairs of earrings of the same style. I loved each pair so much but I wear them constantly until one just straight up falls out or I sleep in them and never find the missing one.. my guess is it ran off with my sock.


I just got these at forever21 two weeks ago! Mine are actually blue lacquer instead though.



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