Must read: Elle’s Nojan Aminosharei on his personal experience with women’s rights in Iran

You can find Aminosharei’s article in this

month’s December 2012 issue of Elle page 117.


Although this article was meant for

the style section essay, it speaks volumes above.

Aminosharei gave an insightful view of his great aunt’s

experiences as a brave and rebellious woman in

an extremely strict society.  He compares her to Hepburn and Veronica Lake,

only stifled by society’s tight grip.

“After Aghdash-joon died- no, even before, when she was snuffed out and left to languish for showing a flash of hair- I couldn’t look at a woman in a chador without feeling suddenly deflated. A niqab? Suffocation!  The veritable vanishing act we call a burqa? All the air would evaporate from the room. It didn’t seem like the women buried in those dark sheets were breathing all too easy either. And for what?”

-Nojan Aminosharei



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