Spotlighting Life Without Pants’ Matt Cheuvront

I have been trying to find my “brand.” I want to find my passion among all the mundane. I’ve been keeping a mental track of what makes me happy in a moment and compiling them to find a greater understanding. I’m afraid this is a long process.  I’ve known my initial goal for two years but it is still so out of reach.  I’ve tried different things a long the way, little money makers, but nothing has stuck.  I’m afraid the only thing lacking was my enthusiasm.

I’ve begun following an inspirational blog (don’t give up on me there- no life coach helping you find your inner sunshine, I promise).  It’s called Life Without Pants and it’s orchestrated by Matt Cheuvront, or “Chevy.”  He’s got a real cool thing going. He reaches out to tell his story and tries to challenge others to take chances and find their entrepreneurial-way.  I encourage you to go read his posts, especially the first ones that entail his experiences of being thrust into the unemployment pool and thriving.  He took that “opportunity” to search for what would make him happy.  He found that he was good at, and really enjoyed, helping others find their brand. Chevy calls a brand “the essence, the life force…it’s all the little things your business or organization represents.” You can catch all of the description on his business’


I’m subscribed to his daily emails and everyday is a little different. Sometimes they seek to challenge, I’ve found myself biting my cheek in defiance to a few. They always contain tidbits of knowledge and encouragement.  Sometimes they are only three sentences long but still push me to meditate on my goals.  If you are going through a quest yourself, I hope you find his work helpful and encouraging.  Also, I do hope you check back with me to see how I progress through my own quest and maybe share your findings as well.


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