How I should be making coffee…

9 Rules for How to Make a Perfect Cup of Coffee Page 8 | Eating Well.


You are supposed to either measure out 2 tbsp. of grounds per 6 oz. or 2 3/4 tbsp. per cup (8 oz y’all.. Jeez). I certainly don’t carry around a 6 oz measuring cup like some coffee addicts out there. >> Neither do I have a 2 & 3/4 tbsp. -_-
I managed to do the per cup option by eyeing 3/4. It helps, little, to know that 3 teaspoons make a tablespoon. So you can rule out trying teaspoons. That would be thirds not fourths… Now you get it. Just eye it and go.


You are NOT supposed to let the coffee sit on the warmer or it gets bitter. So handy, that warmer. I’ll have to make sure bitterness hot spot is listed as the features for my new coffee maker. -_- And you should use cold water for brewing and make sure there isn’t too much water >> causes bitterness as well.

Here’s lookin’ at you Starbucks.

Like my mug? It turns red when hot! 😁


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