Let me tell you about a little place called 1canoe2.

I think they’re pretty fantastic over in their neck of the woods.

They post beautiful pictures and share their beautiful creations in the letterpress trade.

My favorite? okay I have two, sue me.

2013 Letterpress Calendar

the 2013 calendar.

Sturdily presented on a cute little wood stump.

August is beautiful…

2013 Letterpress Calendar Refill

Secondly, these adorable egg carton recipe cards.

You may remember me gushing over a 6 egg porcelain egg crate.

Well, I got one! And I love it!

Everytime I open my fridge it makes me smile. :)

Details people, that’s where the happiness is.

Anyways, the cards…..

Egg Carton Recipe Cards

Cute, right?


& you can keep them in this beauty.

Recipe Box With Lid

& the photography! Fantastic.

‘Nuff said.

Go hit them up and write home about it,




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