Project life: the beginnings

I started scrapbooking for project life in April of this year. It’s a simplified, no-glue-necessary, quick-fix type of scrapbooking. Typically in a 12×12 size, the sheet is divided into pockets- either 4×6 or 3×4 inches. This means you can simply print 4×6 at the print shop and slip in your photos and a title card here and a card with journaling there. The benefit of working with 12×12 pocket pages is, if you’re a traditional scrapbooker you can still do full-page 12×12 layouts and add it to your binder. That’s another thing, PL (project life) is based out of a large binder with snap rings instead of post bound. this means your pages lay flat and you can easily add or remove pages without dismantling the whole project. If I’ve confused you here’s the source, Becky Higgins herself.

I scored a deal at Joann’s when I first started project life and this is what I kickstarted my hobby with.



These turned out to be great purchases. The project life coral core card kit gave me immense options for layouts and the die cut cards from We R let me into the die cut craze without buying a die cut machine. The set also came with kraft paper envelopes that fit into pocket pages. They are kind of finicky because the folds are inside the pocket so the inserted card gets caught. I have to take the whole envelope out to put the insert back in. Which defeats the purpose unless the insert is ugly handwriting or a piece of memorabilia that doesn’t match my page but deserves to be included.




Enamel dots are one of my favorite embellishments. You can put them on just about every layout and still love it. I like the date stamp because it adds continuity between my layouts. I know I can just write the dates but using an ink pad is so much cooler.

The alpha sets are wonderful because my handwriting is pretty terrible. The white alphas are useful for dark backgrounds but too big for pocket page layouts. The Becky Higgins alpha is a huge value and a good neutral color for using whenever the need arises. It’s made for pocket pages so it’s versatile in my work space where I typically use pocket page layouts but occasionally will use the alpha for subtitles on a full 12×12 layout. The 12×12 sheet of alpha and word stickers are good for subtitles as well.

Thanks for listening,

Hay Rhea


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