December Daily is done!

What a relief! I finally finished my December (nearly) daily. I took a hiatus from Dec. 15 to January 15, not planned necessarily, but I felt ready to dive in again after a month. I’m sure it would have been a shorter break if it wasn’t the holidays. I attempted to do the 6×6 squares pocket page, design E, but it was tiring. Certainly the challenge I set out for. I knew that I had too many photos from our weekend trip to fit into the 6×6 squares so I went to my standard design F for the trip and then for the days after christmas. We didn’t do anything Christmas related after Christmas Eve so it didn’t make a difference visually.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I skipped the months during my move to get to enjoy December Project Life while it was happening. I’ll be going back to August now and finishing 2014 up. I’ll be going to a crop in two weeks so I plan on doing January and childhood photos then. I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to do for 2015 project life, a lot of people online have said they’re moving to 9×12 albums or 6×8 handbooks. I am busting out of two D-ring 12×12 albums for 2014 though! There’s no way I could change my layout and stay within 2 albums. I will try to limit my pictures so as to fit one week on one side of a layout though. With my favorite pocket design, F, thats about 5 photos, 1 week review card, and 5 filler cards. I also think I’ll try to compact my weekend trips to an insert (2-3 photos). This past year, trips got a full layout which is probably why I had so many pages. I have a separate 6×8 pocket page album just for travels, it serves as a brag book when I go home. I should be able to stick to this album plan, maybe even 2 years of trips in a 6×8. I have to admit though, the handbook, 9×12 album, and instagram albums look really nice. I don’t really want to have a ton of albums in my house though. I didn’t even do December Daily in a separate album. It would have to be a special album like a big vacation or a baby album. I’ve seen people fill up these albums with only a week of vacation photos. They look amazing but would I look like a hoarder with 20 mini albums in addition to the 12×12 annual monsters? [click images for closeups]
december daily week 49december daily week 49   12/7/1412/10/14  12/12/14

12/13/14  12/13/14 12/14/14  12/20/14 insert

12/14/14 insert   12/20/14 12/20/14   12/21/14

12/24/14   12/25/14 12/30/14


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