December Daily is done!

What a relief! I finally finished my December (nearly) daily. I took a hiatus from Dec. 15 to January 15, not planned necessarily, but I felt ready to dive in again after a month. Continue reading


Farmhouse trends


Over the past two years I’ve noticed a move towards the farmhouse style in the kitchen. Step aside sleek and modern. We’re looking towards coppers and beautiful wood grains.  I’m sure the famed stainless steel appliances will keep their place but light fixtures and stove hoods are looking more cottage influenced and I’m loving it.

This scalloped hood is perfect and it’s going on my wish list. It hits the modern cottage look without a hitch.  I’m actually starting to appreciate the white on white too.  I’ve been stubborn in accepting it but has shown me the way.

scalloped hood

I even got the white Kitchen-aid mixer for Christmas to start.

kitchenaid standing mixer

These industrial lights give this space a fresh look at a work space. They remind me of my Pappaw’s shed from when I was a little girl.  He was in there everyday fixing things– what he loved to do.  These kinds of lights give some well deserved direct lighting for working on what you love– baking for me.  Dark shadows in the kitchen irk me. I’ll have every light on in the house if it’ll make the kitchen brighter. I digress. ;) Also, notice the scalloping on the two fixtures in the mix? eh? eh? catching the trend??

industrial lighting

Ana White gives a wonderful tutorial on how to make your own farmhouse dining room table. Hit her up!

I’m saving this one for when I move.

farmhouse table

Back to the workbench.

Those who know me know I’m a bit of a chair snob. Not like I only appreciate super expensive chairs, only that I have an idea in my head of what I like and I’m quite particular about them. These lovelies take a nod to the industrial era as well. I love that they’re adjustable and their function is exaggerated in the screw top.

turn stools

One of my all time musts for my dream kitchen is the farmhouse sink, sometimes called an apron sink.  There’s something quite homey about it.  There is almost no comparison to the standard stainless steel compartmental sink. Plus it does away with that silly fake drawer typically installed below a sink. Pet peeve number 526: fake drawers.

farmhouse apron sink

apron sink pattern

And what better to complement with than butcher block counter tops? No more piles of cutting boards.

Just sanitize, chop, sweep excess into apron sink and sanitize again. Done.

Wood grain was become very popular as well.  I’m seeing it more stove top hoods, kitchen islands, chairs and back splashes  Along with working itself into the rest of the house.

chop block counter

Now, onto the fridge. I’m in love with Anthropologie‘s 6 egg carton. I’ll take the blue one and the white one, please.

Something like this will make me smile every time I open my fridge. :)

anthro egg carton

I can’t help but want the strawberry carton too! They’re just too adorable.

strawberry crate$14

crateandbarrel crate$20

**Click pictures for links to shops**

if available

My birthday is coming up….. Part one:basics

So my mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday yesterday. :D

First I thought, well what do I need?… Well rent would be nice… But then again what about a Kroger card? Gas card? Any card?!

Then I realized I was going at this all wrong! I should be asking, What do I want?
To Pinterest! Da da da Da! (Super hero bit..)

I wound up all over the internet looking at all the things I’ve pinned over the summer since I’ve been hooked on phonics Pinterest..

By the way, most of these things are a part of my quest for a simpler closet. Where most of my clothes can be worn with anything. I’m talking solids and classic pieces here. I’m tired of going through my closet every year and realizing just how out of fashion a quarter of it is.

Anyway here’s my list:

Black boyfriend blazer

urban outfitters

Sheer chiffon maxi skirt

maxi ($11!)

The site says it is sheer though so I guess I’ll need a slip!

Free People $38

Chambray button up

20121031-101613.jpgI CANNOT find this! I found a French link to but if you know where to find this, please comment.

or this one..

but this beauty is from J.Crew for $88

I think I’ll need some black pants for a denim shirt don’t ya think?

These corduroys are from Piperlime

Something pretty with embellished shoulders

Left: Carol Hannah Pemberely dress

Pleated chiffon knee length skirt

Left: Found on tumblr. So, of course, no link to back it up. I’m very sorry about this. I would love to destroy tumblr and all of its foolishness but I cannot.
Upper and lower right: American Apperal

Pretty boot socks


…or just the top of a sock?

-tumbler. :(

White v-neck

Left: American Apparel $21
Right: Hanes $10

Pencil skirt for being fancy..

Jersey pencil skirt from for $28

houndstooth pencil skirt from Lulus $33

White button up for wearing with everything

This silk one is from piperlime too for $79

big statement necklace, gold watch

necklace: $22 at Lulu’s

watch:  $27 at gojane

whew! I simply cannot stop! I’ll just have to make this a three parter: basics, jewelry, and shoes of course.

Catch me next time for all that sparkles,